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Secrets for Learning la Dolce Lingua
1. Fill your ears. Listening primes the brain for understanding. Turn your car into a
classroom with Italian-language CDs. Download podcasts to your iPod, MP3 player, or
cell phone, and listen on planes, trains, buses, and places in between.

2. See it, say it, stick it. Train yourself to say the Italian word (if only to yourself) for
things you look at every day: il cielo for sky, la sedia for chair; il pane for bread. Put a
post-it note with the Italian name on objects around the house. Don’t remove one until
you’ve memorized the term.

3. Read. Go to for a sampling of Italian language
papers. Just scanning the headlines will teach you common words and names. Italian
action comics, with heroes such as Tex, a time-traveling cowboy, and Diabolik, “king of
terror,” provide a fun way to improve your vocabulary and reading skills.

4. Watch. Movies allow you to see and hear Italian in action. Rent classics such as
Roma, città aperta or La dolce vita. Among the movies I watch time and again are:
Fellini’s Amarcord and E la nave va, Il Postino, Pane e tulipani, and anything with
Marcello Mastroianni, particularly the biography “Si, mi ricordo” (Yes, I Remember).

5. Sing. Even if you can’t carry a tune, singing along with popular Italian songs can
introduce you to everyday vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. At you’ll find everything from charming ninnenanne (lullabies) such as
Stella stellina to pop tunes like Volare and famous operatic arias such as Nessun dorma.

Many people think Italian is the most striking spoken language in the world. Visiting Italy is truly enjoyables: the finest historical spots in Europe, museums, sculptures, paintings, monasteries, circuses and cathedrals. Italian cuisine is among the most delicious in the world. It is often regarded so highly that it is spoken of in the same way as the beautiful architecture! Italy is also among the top 10 tourists’ destinations in the globe.

The Italian language is intensely linked to art, specifically in regards to renaissance paintings, literature, sculpture, architecture. There are associations also with music, such as Verdi, Rossini for piano, Pavarotti (the renowned tenor), design (graphic, interior, furniture and fashion), and not forgetting the culinary arts and their delectable dishes.

  1. Why did Mozart compose the majority of his pieces in Italian instead in German?
  2. Italian has the greatest number of terms for describing food.
  3. You will not need subtitles when watching films by such renowned directors as Pasolini, Visconti and Fellini. Similarly, if you’re a film fan, specifically of Italian cinema, then this is invaluable.
  4. Italy has over half of Europe’s Unesco-secured monuments.
  5. Italians are notoriously friendly individuals, very enthusiastic and chatty, and will be enthusiastic to simply converse with you in their native tongue.
  6. Italian is the nearest language to Latin, the common antecedent of the entire romance languages.
  7. If you adore food, opera, design and arts, then this is a good reference language.

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Italian

Italian is a language packed with contradictions; its history goes several thousands of years back, yet, it has been the sole official language in Italy only since the 19th century. So why should one study Italian?

  1. You will be able to comprehend Luciano Pavarotti whenever he belts a phrase in high C!
  2. You can order Italian food with confidence at a genuine Italian restaurant.
  3. Enhance your cultural comprehension and international communication.
  4. Quit depending on subtitles when viewing Italian films.
  5. Acquire directions in Italian during your next travel to Rome.
  6. Speak with your Italian family.
  7. Select the correct size when you are at an Armani Boutique in Florence with no guessing!
  8. Discover your family background and interpret aged documents.
  9. Learn art history in the area where Michelangelo was from.
  10. Comprehend La Divina Commedia as written by Dante.

Italian news, TV & radio

RAI – Programmi sottotitolati
Programmes from Italy’s national broadcaster online with subtitles in Italian
TV programmes online from this commercial station

Video Mediaset: Snack TV
Clips from programmes of the Mediaset TV channels: Italia 1, Rete 4, La 5

SM TV Online TV from San Marino

Telegiornali, TV news bulletins, from each of the TV channels

Euronews in Italian
The Italian version of the news channel produced by a consortium of European channels

Italian TV and Italian news online
How to watch in the UK

Dentro l’italiano
Online course from Italy’s public broadcaster RAI

A Guide to Italian

Facts, essential phrases plus the Italian alphabet




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